Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Forms and Charts

This site has lots of goodies besides the free printable forms.
Very friendly. Would like to hear from us about who we are researching. Many free forms.
Free stuff. Has how-to articles. This is one of the general information sites. If you have a question about anything, this is a good place to start.
This site is all about moms and kids. They have some free genealogy forms. If you're a mom, this is a good site for you in general.
Many links and lots of free goodies
This site has a large beginner's center. Lots of how-to. They have free forms, too.
Free forms and lots of links. Including Canadian and German.
Lots of free forms, information, and genealogy tools.
Free forms and other freebies. Links to, not free.
BIG fancy pedigree charts. Free charts at the bottom of the page.
Printable and fillable forms.
Free printable forms. Archer line.
This site has some interesting looking links. Clicking on the link to genealogy charts takes you to the Genealogy Mall. Lots of links of various types there.
Easy to download forms into Word format. I like the genealogy checklist best.
This is mainly a book store, but they do have some free forms. 6,000+ books on genealogy.
Fancy forms, T-shirts, Links, and more.
Has a pedigree chart. Says they're going to add more forms.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


101 Ways to Research Your Family Tree
for free
This is one of the big general information sites. If you have a question about anything, this is a place to start.
Genealogy Directory
Lots of links and information.
Genealogy Today
More than links, even though this site has lots of those, general genealogy information, basic information and more.
Library Spot
Lots of links and information. This is a library site.
Genealogy directories.
Genealogy search engines and directories.
Genealogy directory of surnames and links.
Directory of old marriage records, maps, clergymen, and many more on CD.
Domestic and international directory.
International directory of search engines, how-to, directories, and more.
Search engines, directories, and more.
Domestic and international directories.